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Comment: Please Help Me....I am a single...

Nurse Antoinette started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE PARENTS , PAGE 2 (and great links to FREE assistance for everybody)"

Please Help Me....I am a single mom...a registered nurse and in financial crisis b/c of going through a divorce. I am a home care nurse taking care of a veteran with Advanced Lou Gehrigs disease. I no longer have a car to get to him. I not only need to care for him. He is on a ventilator..but I am always struggling with his insurance companies to get the supplies he needs. This is a wonderful family and it is sad to say that other nurses will not advocate and write to the insurance companies and help the family with all these aspects of care. There has to be someone who has a reliable car that perhaps has just been sitting in their driveway. This is just the tip of the iceberg. My patient served on the USS John Paul Jones for several years..he is only 70y/o on a ventaltor and feeding tube. He needs agressive chest therapy to prevent pnumonia and beside the fact that the insurance company refuses to pay for necessary respiratory supplies I constantly am fighting for them as well as the fact..that as unfortunate has it seems the other nurses tend not to give him the aggressive chest therapy I do and the number one cause of death with this disease is Pnumonia. Please help us.
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